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Subconscious Frequency Academy

Our Courses

Invest in the right frequency of your subconscious mind


Master your mind, Master your life.

NLP Practitioner

Reprogram your mind to unleash the magic within.

Business & Executive Coaching

Learn about identifying what to fix first & increased sales

Life Coaching

Discover the what, where, when, how, with who to fulfilling your purpose.

Positive Masculinity Dialoques

Toxic masculinity transcends national borders, age, generations, and ideas of race and ethnicity.

Life Coaching & NLP Practitioner

Understand the difference between the Conscious, subconscious and subconscious mind

Public Speaking Training Workshop

Speak with confidence, authority and influence.

Conflict Resolution Workshop

Conflict coaching is a process in which a coach.

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Subconscious Frequency Academy
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