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Your First Choice For Life Coaching, Public Speaking & NLP Training.

The purpose of the examination is to examine your knowledge and understanding of the Life Coaching and NLP content. This process will assist you in identifying what you understand and what you need to get a better understanding of so you can competently be the difference that makes the difference and you want to make the difference that makes the difference that matters in people’s lives don’t you.

You are required to get above 80% for you to be declared theoretically competent on the basics of Life Coaching & NLP.

The multiple-choice questions are designed so that some of the answers sound logical (or feasible) to someone who has a limited understanding of Life Coaching & NLP. You will do well, Enjoy!!

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    1. Life Coaching is, (4)

    2. What does NLP stand for and what is it used for? (4)

    3. Which of these are sensory based (S) and which are hallucinations (H)? (4)

    a) Her eyes were red and started filling up with tears

    b) The volume of his voice got softer and softer

    c) She looked so cold

    d) He showed remorse for his behaviour

    4. These exercises are used to identify what the problem is, (2)

    5. What is the positive intention of: (2)
    a) Failing

    b) Nagging

    6. To be good at time management, and to be able to estimate time reasonably accurately, you need to step off your timeline and operate ‘through time’. (2)

    7. Which NLP Language model would you use to gather specific information ? (2)

    8. Describe the sub-modality of your proudest moment in life ? (4)

    9. What is modelling ? (2)

    10. List the 5 principles to success (4)

    11. I wonder how comfortable you are sitting there, concentrating on these questions, and you may be amazed at how easily your unconscious mind has already begun to remember...This sentence is an example of: (2)

    12. Which Meta-Program are the following words? (3)

    Do it, jump in, get it done, just do it, right away

    Think about it, wait, analyse, find out or learn more

    Responsibility, accountability, plan ahead, achieve, outcome

    13. Maps of reality (a person’s map of the world) is … (2)

    14. What is a Kinesthetic Anchor? (1)

    15. What is Content Free NLP? (2)

    16. Which of the following is not a Life Coaching exercise: (1)

    17. Reframing is … (1)

    18. What are the three main categories into which the Meta Model Distinctions can be classified? (3)

    19. What is the difference between calibration and sensory acuity? (2)

    20. The triangle of excellence is used for, (2)

    21. What are the last two steps/things you should do after doing any piece of change work? (2)

    22. What is a must for the coach to do before dealing with any traumatic events? (2)

    23. A mind read is … (1)

    24. In NLP, RAS stands for: (1)

    25. “If you don’t look at me when I’m talking to you, it means you’re not listening.” (1)

    26. To get into Rapport with someone you would … (2)

    27. What are predicates ? (2)

    28. What is an ecology check ? (2)

    29. If you start with the word ‘Pen’ and you move to ‘stationery’, you are… (2)

    30. -Run that by me once more so I can get a handle on it. (2)
    -Paint a clearer picture for me so I can see it better.
    -Say that again so I can hear what you mean. This is an example of ....

    31. People who lose track of time and get absorbed in the moment are said to be: (1)

    32. List 4 NLP Change Techniques: (4)

    33. What is most important concept when using Perceptual Positions techniques ? (1)

    34. Which 2 presuppositions are applicable for response to criticism ? (4)

    35. Which of the following is incorrect: (2)
    State of congruence is used to,

    36. Parts integration is used for, (2)

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