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NLP Practitioner


Our Courses

Invest in the right frequency of your subconscious mind

We strive to support you achieve the best version of you, by focusing on not only teaching you but also allowing you to experience the tools or exercises that will help you to, achieve more, remove what’s holding you back, set the most compelling goals and positioning you to achieve the results you desire so you can live your best life … sound good?!


Maybe you’re someone who would like to add tools to your toolkit that are born out of the study of human excellence, are flexible, can be used in any context, AND are some of the fastest ways to help others bring about lasting change.


Our NLP Practitioner Course is 6 days long and is designed to give you the best experience of learning NLP in an environment where you are free to practice and build confidence in the practice of NLP. Our NLP Practitioner Course is designed to teach you all the Practitioner level NLP concepts and techniques, so that you don’t only know them, but you know them and know how to use them.


At the Subconscious Frequency Academy we pride ourselves on delivering high quality courses, offering great customer service throughout your experience with us, and providing incredible value for our delegates.

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